We’ve created and produced content for the World’s Biggest Celebrities and Athletes, building successful media empires for our partners across social media platforms, podcasts, YouTube, and streaming television. With well over a billion organic views to date, we have a proven track record of creating engaging and shareable content for today's consumer.


  • Photo of Scott Brown


    Scott Brown is an Emmy-nominated writer & director who has learned that the power of great storytelling transcends whatever screen it lives on. Highlights of his work include creating over 100 videos with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, writing sketches with Kevin Hart, and even making an original digital musical with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Scott also directed 753 episodes of “Larry King Now” on Hulu and his award-winning independent films have been official selections in top-tier festivals around the world.

  • Photo of Mo Darwiche

    CEO & Co-Founder

    A digital veteran with over 10 years’ experience working and producing short form content with the world’s most influential people and brands, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Cam Newton, and Walt Disney Pictures to name a few. To date, the hundreds of videos Mo has produced have combined for over a billion organic views online.

  • Photo of Ben Monie

    EVP, Development & Production

    Ben is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker with over 15 years in the industry, creating and developing content across formats — including scripted, unscripted and animation — and across mediums — including features, broadcast and digital. A former CNN veteran, he’s produced for such icons as Larry King, William Shatner, Gov. Jesse Ventura & Nancy Grace. After all this time, he still can’t believe he gets to tell stories for a living and collaborate with the best crew in town.


    Head of Partner Channels

    Remember when YouTube was just cat videos? With over 1000 digital videos under his belt, Dylan is very serious about making silly internet videos, reaching wide audiences, and entertaining millions. In addition to creating some of the world’s most memorable online videos, Dylan has also had success creating documentaries, broadcast news, and award-winning short films.

  • Photo of Nader Owies
    Nader Owies

    Head of Post-Production

    Nader is our head of Post-Production, and comes from a diverse background cutting feature films, commercials, trailers, and everything in between. Over the years, he's accumulated a wide breadth of storytelling skill and style, rooted in his diverse experiences in life. An avid outdoorsman, gamer, athlete, and overall swell guy, he prides himself on being able to bring his viewers on an emotional journey with every cut.

  • Photo Andoni Elias-Nava

    Andoni Elias-Navay

    Head of Production

    Andoni Elias Nava loves storytelling. Coming up, he worked just about every job there was to work on a film set, before eventually finding his way to producing, where he was able to convince some gullible friends to let him put all of those skills to the test. Their gamble paid off, and now, years later, Andoni has built a wealth of experience producing award-winning commercials, music videos, feature films, and series. As Liquid Light's Head of Production, he believes that no dream is too big to turn into a reality, and he's determined to prove that with each new project he takes on.

  • Photo Matthew Johnston

    Matthew Johnston

    Senior Editor

    Matthew has edited award-winning feature films, TV shows, commercials and digital content. His work has screened in theaters around the world and on networks like HBO, Showtime, Starz, The History Channel and Hulu. Nike, McDonald’s, Lululemon and Ford are just some of the many brands he’s edited projects for. He has a passion for telling stories that both entertain and inspire.

  • Photo Yuri Baranovsky

    Yuri Baranovsky

    Director of Development

    Yuri has produced, written and directed just about every type of content: film, TV, digital and once, nearly 100 cat videos. His work includes the award-winning Hulu series, LEAP YEAR, the TruTV sketch show, SIX DEGREES OF EVERYTHING, DAN IS DEAD for Disney and two pretty cute kids for himself. He's also produced and directed dozens of branded campaigns for companies like Trojan, Samsung, Reebok, Purina, 7-Eleven and many more. He hopes to continue telling stories until he's put on a raft and shot with burning arrows.

  • Photo Dani Phillips

    Dani Phillips

    Creative Coordinator

    Dani is the young blood within the company! She is a Chicago native who completed her studies in creative writing and filmmaking at The Ohio State University and The Second City. She previously worked on Law and Order: SVU and now brings her creative writing expertise to Liquid Light. Dani is multifaceted with proficiency in writing, editing, directing, and producing. She has an abundance of experience managing social media accounts and when it comes to creative storytelling.

  • Photo of Dogs Atom & Wally

    Atom & Wally

    Office Pups

    Meet our furriest co-workers Atom & Wally. They specialize in being the very Best Bois and Basic After Effects support.